• Old Money

  • Old Money is an elegant and easy to use Old Money to Present Values currency converter, using data drawn from original historic documents!


"Old Money" Currency Converter uses historic price data across the centuries to allow you to see what a sum of money from the past (for example, left in a will or paid as wages) would be worth today, and what spending power it would have represented at the time.


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- Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

- Requires iOS 4.1.4 or later.


You can also use "Old Money" to make sense of information in historical literature or history books. Imagine coming across the following facts: 

- Buckingham Palace was sold to the Royal Family in 1761 for £21,000.

- By the morning of 17 December 1773 Boston tea-party protesters had thrown more than 90,000 lbs of tea to the waters of Boston Harbour, worth an estimated £10,000. 

- Darwin's On the Origin of Species was first published on Thursday 24 November 1859, priced at fifteen shillings. 

- It is estimated that William Shakespeare's salary as an actor before 1599 was circa £100 a year.

- The London Underground Central line opened on 30th July 1900 and had a flat fee of 2p, giving the line its nickname "The Two-penny Tube".  

Do you know what these values would be today? "Old Money" provides the answers!

The knowledge and resources of The National Archives, medieval historian Nick Barratt and app designer RevelMob have combined to create the ultimate iPhone app, allowing you instant access to historic prices over time. You can also see what each sum of money would have bought in the relevant century, plus find out a bit more about what life was like at the time - how people travelled around, or what food they would have eaten.

For those who want to find out the TRUE value of history - this is a MUST download app! 

Get the Old Money iPhone app in the AppStore NOW:

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